Majora’s Mask

Happy Halloween! Bree is joined by her old friend Jason Edwards on this special occasion to discuss a spooky, scary… video game? In 2000, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask took players by surprise and alienated a generation of Zelda fans. Or did it? While Majora’s Mask was certainly a departure from the familiar formula due to its altered structure, uncanny valley characters and, of course, its horror elements, the retroactive portrayal of Majora’s Mask as a video game that was unappreciated in its time may be slight revisionist history. Nevertheless, Bree and Jason get to the bottom of what made Majora’s Mask so special then and now, how it influenced adventure games, whether or not it is the true best Zelda game and how it fits into the franchise as a whole.

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Tales From the Rec Room
Tales From the Rec Room
Majora's Mask