Get Over It

Strap in as Bree and Kelsey discuss the okay-est teen movie of 2001 – which might have very well been so okay that it killed the genre all together. We discuss Get Over It, fawn over Kiersten Dunst, ponder what kind of messed up name Berke Landers is and wonder if teen movies are even allowed to be so okay anymore.

Mel Brooks

Kelsey and her pal Jason Edwards lead the episode for a discussion on Mel Brooks.

Adam Sandler

Bree and Ruin My Life co-host Kelsey Goldman discuss the Sand-man himself, Adam Sandler and why hasn’t he tried harder to make more movies on the level of Uncut Gems/Meyerowitz Stories/Punch Drunk Love?

Season 1 Finale

Bree and some of the guests from the past year reunite virtually to discuss the year that was, the highlights from their episodes, what their favourite media events of the year was and what they’re looking forward to next year.

The Mighty Ducks

Bree and podcaster/hockey fan Kelsey Goldman (@kelseyrebecca) discuss the highs and lows of the Mighty Ducks trilogy and the recent live-action follow-up series.