What was the experience like watching this movie as a high schooler versus middle schooler versus young adult? Why did people turn on this movie and the screenplay so much – and was it justified? Is there a possible queer reading of this movie? How does the fall of Roe V. Wade affect the viewing of this movie in 2023?

Season 2 Finale: Flop Culture

Bree gets together with Mynt, Liz and Frederick to bid farewell to Peak Show Season 2 and summer 2022 with a look at the best things that have been released so far this year.

David Fincher

Bree and Mynt discuss Fincher and what his most overrated movies are. Also, what would Spider-Man (2002) look like if it had been directed by David Fincher?

Season 1 Finale

Bree and some of the guests from the past year reunite virtually to discuss the year that was, the highlights from their episodes, what their favourite media events of the year was and what they’re looking forward to next year.


Bree & Mynt break down the totally legitimate psychology of what made these films — and the whole torture porn genre — so popular.