Star Wars – Episode 3

You’re all nerds! Bree is joined by Ottawa-based digital journalist and former radio man Ted Raymond to round out Super Month. Together, they trash the nerds (sorry, nerds), discuss the origins of Wookieepedia, call BS on George Lucas, lament the gatekeeping, defend The Last Jedi and more. Utini!

Star Wars – Episode 2

Bree is joined by her pal Mike Stephens build a better Star Wars universe starring David Cross, Jennifer Coolidge and more.

Star Wars – Episode 1

Peak Show’s 2022 Super Month is here! For the first episode we talk with Eric Szyszka of the awesome We Hate Movies gang.

The Babysitters Club

Bree is joined by pop culture enthusiast Chelsea Jupin to discuss the books, movies, graphic novels and TV iterations of the Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club.

Final Destination

Bree is joined by the lovely Patrick Hamilton of the Kill By Kill podcast to determine the peak of the formulaic but utterly fun Final Destination franchise.


Entertainment journalist and author Frederick Blichert joins Bree for the long-anticipated Scream takedown. Fred discusses how the “survivor” aspect of Scream set it apart from its contemporaries while Bree ponders on how Scream fits into the tiresome “elevated horror” label.

The Mighty Ducks

Bree and podcaster/hockey fan Kelsey Goldman (@kelseyrebecca) discuss the highs and lows of the Mighty Ducks trilogy and the recent live-action follow-up series.


Bree & Mynt break down the totally legitimate psychology of what made these films — and the whole torture porn genre — so popular.