Clone High

Friend of the show and cartoon expert Michael Stephens pops by to discuss the short-lived series Clone High. The series came at a perfect trifecta of sketch comedy, adult animation and teen dramas.

The Breaking Bad-iverse

Guess we got what we deserved: an episode on Vince Gilligan’s two triumphant series, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, as well as El Camino. So pick yourself off, dust yourself up and start all over again.

The X-Files

Bree and Andrew take a trip back to the 90s and discuss The X-Files – the lasting legacy of conspiracy theory content.

This Is Us

Get out your tissue boxes! Bree is joined by writer, critic and Role Calling podcast host Caroline Siede to talk about the recently concluded NBC family drama, This Is Us. Is this show mushy schmaltzy emotional manipulation, or is it much smarter, more layered and self-aware than people think? We detail the best stars (Hi,Continue reading “This Is Us”

BoJack Horseman

Bree is joined by TikTok essayist Lucky Leftie, to discuss the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. With a show so layered, complex and controversial, sometimes a 90-minute discussion is necessary. We discuss mental illness, forgiveness, self-punishment, relationships, addiction, the entertainment industry, childhood trauma and the secret joke about Sextina Aquafina that a lot of peopleContinue reading “BoJack Horseman”

The Babysitters Club

Bree is joined by pop culture enthusiast Chelsea Jupin to discuss the books, movies, graphic novels and TV iterations of the Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

What up!!! Bree and Liz are two cool girls doing a podcast for other cool people who want to hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. People in good shape encouraged. If you are fat you should be able to find humour in the little things. Again, nothing sexual.

King Of the Hill Redux

Uh-oh! A Peak Show emergency has forced Bree to go back into the archives and bring back the best episode you never heard! Friend of the show Mike Stephens and Bree discuss the all-timer that is King of the Hill, from the inherent way in which comedy ages like milk to the tragedies that are Bill, Dale and Peggy. If nothing else, marvel at how far the show has come.

Brooklyn 99

Bree and Real Good Pros co-host Helen Marukh get together to gab about comedy and copaganda with Brooklyn 99. Can you still enjoy the show despite its unignorable propaganda?

Arrested Development

Bree is joined by her two swell pals Liz and Mike to discuss the incredibly high peaks and unfortunately low and kind of depressing valleys of the millennial staple Arrested Development.


Bree and Armchair Reactions co-host Gowsh put on their bright white sneakers and take a trip back to NBC’s powerhouse Thursday nights in the 90’s with a look back at Seinfeld.

America’s Next Top Model

Bree and journalist/editor Annie Grandlund outline their high school fave, America’s Next Top Model as they discuss Tyra’s personality, traumatizing contestants and the difference between a fun bitch and a tragic bitch.

Parks and Recreation

Bree and screenwriter/performer Kristy LaPointe grab some JJ’s waffles and discuss the highs and lows of Parks and Recreation.

The Simpsons (Part 3)

Bree & José dissect the humour of the 20-something era of episodes, discuss the downfall of Itchy and Scratchy and get deep about Flanderization.

The Simpsons (Part 2)

The Simpsons super-month continues! Bree and Jason Edwards dive into the unpleasant turn of The Simpsons — the Scully years — and try to reconcile their fandom with the show while finding its peak.

The Simpsons (Part 1)

Bree and Ottawa-based digital journalist Ted Raymond begin to break down the buildup and the tipping point of The Simpsons.

The Office

Noted millennials Bree and Maggie dissect the perennially popular series The Office to determine the exact moment when the show could have (and should have) ended.

King of the Hill

Bree sits down with known outrageous dude Mike Stephens to debate the peak of Mike Judge’s long-running phenomenon King of the Hill.

Malcolm in the Middle

Bree is joined by YouTube political and pop culture essayist José to locate the peak of the underrated family sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle.